In accordance with our latest tokenomics update, we will be facilitating a token burn of 441,612,410 $CLIQ token which is equivalent to 44.60% of Total Supply (990,000,000).

This amount of tokens will be burnt from the Staking Allocation that was allocated to reward $CLIQ Stakers and Liquidity Providers on our platform.

We also have 79,200,000 $CLIQ tokens allocated to fund Referral programmes which contributed to 8% of Total Supply. From now onwards this allocation will be used to reward stakers and liquidity providers on DefiCliq’s protocol.

So, the new Total Supply will be 548,387,590 CLIQ and Circulating Supply will be…

DIA and Deflicliq announce a partnership to integrate DIA’s open-source and transparent oracles into Deficliq’s lending platform to improve its security and privacy layers.

Deficliq claims to be the first company to provide both collateralized and uncollateralized loans in both P2P and traditional ways. The Deficliq platform offers to users many features such as DAO governance, staking, yield farming, interoperability and more, all in one Polkadot Substrate Project.

DIA announces a new partnership with Deficliq to fuel Deficliq’s platform with accurate and reliable on-chain data. Through this collaboration, Deficliq will utilise DIA’s trusted oracles to integrate real-time market price data to update the collateral ratios of the lending platform. …

Deficliq being a protocol built on a DeFi system has only grown this much because of the control and ease it offers users. By allowing users to utilize traditional banking and financing services like lending, borrowing, and saving, an overwhelming sense of trust has been birthed over the past few months.

Even more captivating is that Deficliq users now have the opportunity to earn more than 100% of their capital, mostly by offering liquidity through the newly developed Deficliq yield farming protocol.

How To use the Deficliq Farming Platform

To get started Deficliq users need to access the Deficliq farming

DefiCliq is happy to share the new updated roadmap for remaining Q3 2021 of developments.

The mission of DefiCliq is to play an important role in the growing DeFi ecosystem by contributing to its ecosystem and TVL. Until now the team has been successful in doing so and our TVL has crossed 3m and been growing continuously since the very first day of launch.

On the mission to fulfil the same we are gonna launch some of our major platforms which will play a vital role in helping DefiCliq as well as other projects to grow. …

The recent occurrences in the crypto space have been a thing of concern and worry but amidst various challenges faced, Deficliq continues to push further and soar high. In pursuit of unrivaled success, we have decided to make Raze Network our ally.

The Strategic Partnership Raze Network Has To Offer

Deficliq’s prestige precedes it as it is no more news that it is one of the fastest-growing and reliable multi-functionality DeFi projects on Blockchain. …

Create and share your favorite meme and you can win MTRG!

Join DefiCliq and Meter for a creative and exciting contest to reward the most unique and engaging meme. The top entries will be voted on by the community to receive a prize paid in MTRG and Cliq tokens.

Rules: For memes to be approved, they must be original and meet the criteria outlined below.

  1. The meme or gif should highlight Meter Passport capabilities using @defcliq as the subject. For example it could show their token traveling around the “crypto space.”
  2. Both logos from Meter and Deficliq should be incorporated…

There are several DeFi projects ongoing in the Blockchain industry today with different visions and ambitions even though most have not been able to live up to expectations and promises due to various setbacks.

Deficliq is one of the formidable ongoing DeFi projects in the world today. Its uniqueness cannot be overemphasized as it is one of the best platforms to unify all DeFi features in one scoop.

Deficliq’s partnership goals and objectives with Yellow Road

Yellow Road is a unique and engaging community-backed IDO platform that focuses its attention on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Projects to assist them with growth…

Recently, our partnership with Meter was licensed which is for the sole purpose of using it as a bridge to port $CLIQ token to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We’ll be guiding our much more anticipated users on how to make use of this bridge and use it to their advantage in this article.

Step by Step Process On How To Use The Meter Passport to Bridge $CLIQ tokens between BSC

For new users, the CLIQ token is readily available on the Metamask wallet, and before anything, you need to get the wallet registered or signed up on your mobile device…

We are excited to have allied with a high-performance infrastructure like Meter to assist and work together with us to use its passport as a bridge to port $CLIQ to BSC.

Benefits and outcome of Deficliq and Meter partnership

As earlier stated, our partnership with will allow us to use its passport as a bridge to port $CLIQ token to Binance Smart Chain(BSC). It would serve as a porter by offering a seamless bridge for $CLIQ token into the BSC.

NB: Publications and announcement will be made as soon as possible as regards the following;

● Contract address


In this article, we intend on clearing the air, clarifying and letting the world know what Deficliq has to offer and at the same time why it has become a cause celebre in the financial industry. Deficliq as we know aims to provide a single unified interface for DeFi features on the Polkadot ecosystem starting with the lending market.


At Deficliq we allow token holders to earn more tokens through staking. It implies that token holders who keep their tokens in their wallets for a particular time get rewarded(in form of dividends).On Deficliq, the token maturity can be chosen…


Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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