Phased Process in Using the Meter Bridge

Recently, our partnership with Meter was licensed which is for the sole purpose of using it as a bridge to port $CLIQ token to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We’ll be guiding our much more anticipated users on how to make use of this bridge and use it to their advantage in this article.

Step by Step Process On How To Use The Meter Passport to Bridge $CLIQ tokens between BSC

For new users, the CLIQ token is readily available on the Metamask wallet, and before anything, you need to get the wallet registered or signed up on your mobile device. Here’s a brief description of how to create your wallet:

● Sign up directly by clicking MetaMask and you will be directed to either play store(Android) or Apple store(iOS) depending on your mobile device.

● Create a new wallet(this account allows you to send and receive Ether, ERC20 tokens, and to deploy Smart Contracts).

● Create a password and Confirm.

● You will be shown a 12 word(Seed)recovery key on Metamask.

NB: Ensure to store this 12phrase word somewhere safe(written in notebooks or stored in USB) because it’s very essential for account restoration.

● Now you can link your MetaMask account with the Meter passport

Linking your Meter Passport to your MetaMask account

Here are the broken down processes to be taken when you have a MetaMask account already:

● Open Meter passport or click to on your browser preferably Chrome/Firefox and connect your Metamask wallet to the Meter Passport application.

● Add your MetaMask account if you have it installed on your device already. If not, just import your account using your 12 phrases (seed)

● Agree with the terms by clicking the “Agree” button

● After successfully inputting your seed, you can now import your account.

● After importing, your account will be added to the Meter passport

● Select your MetaMask account to login and connect to your wallet

● You have successfully linked your MetaMask account with the Meter Passport and can now make use of the bridge to port your CLIQ token to BSC.

How to Use the Bridge to Port CLIQ on BSC to Ethereum

● Open MetaMask on your browser. Your MetaMask account by default is “Ethereum Mainnet” so you have to change your network by clicking on the icon in the upper right corner to view your accounts, and then click “Settings”.

● Click on “Networks” In the Settings menu and click on”Custom RPC” to configure and change to a “Smart Chain” Network.

● Enter the following information in the fields that appear to customize your “Smart Chain”, then scroll down and click “Save”.

Network Name: Smart Chain



● Chain ID: 56

● Symbol: BNB

● Block Explorer URL


● The newly added network”Smart Chain” will appear in the list of networks that your MetaMask wallet can connect to, as you can see below. Click on it to change from the Ethereum network to the Smart Chain network.

● Go back to Meter Passport. The “To” field will likely say “Meter Mainnet”. Click on the Network drop-down arrow and select “BSC Mainnet” from the menu.

● Return to the “From” section, click on the drop-down arrow and select CLIQ from the asset menu. Then enter the amount of CLIQ you would like to port to BSC. The asset and the amount will both auto-populate in the “To” section.

● The section “I want to send funds to my address” is checked by default. If you want to send funds to your corresponding wallet address on BSC, leave this box checked (recommended for simplicity). If you want to send funds to a different wallet on BSC, uncheck the box and enter the destination wallet address in the address field that appears, it is very easy.

● Input the amount of CLIQ tokens you would like to port from the MetaMask to the BSC and if all is set and done click “Start Transfer”.

● A “pre-flight check” will appear with some final statements. If you are OK with the statements, click the “Start Transfer” button. If not, click “Back” to return to the Transfer screen.

● Once you click the “transfer” button you have agreed to initiate the transaction and MetaMask will ask you to pay BNB gas fees and confirm the transaction. Hit the “Confirm” button.

● After the transaction is confirmed on both blockchains, to see and access your transactions ensure you add your CLIQ to your BSC wallet in Metamask. Here’s how it is done:

  1. In MetaMask, ensure that you are on the Smart Chain network. By default, your network will change to “Ethereum Mainnet” so you have to change it back to “Smart Chain”. Then navigate to the wallet to which you sent the CLIQ token you ported (it should be your current wallet if you didn’t change anything), click on the “Assets” tab, and click “Add Token”.

b. Just below the “Custom Token” tab,enter the CLIQ token address –0x0Def8d8addE14c9eF7c2a986dF3eA4Bd65826767– into the “Token Contract Address” field. The other fields should auto-populate and Click the “Next” button.

c. After clicking the “Next” button MetaMask will then confirm that the CLIQ token has been added.

● Finally, Since CLIQ has been successfully added to your wallet, you should see the amount of CLIQ token you ported.


  1. The above process is not time taking so do not be discouraged. It was only made this lengthy to enlighten and broaden users’ understanding for a better experience. Transactions can be completed in under 5 minutes when accustomed to the procedures.
  2. It is advisable to make use of a PC or an iOS. Android users might encounter a glitch when trying to use the bridge.

How To Swap Tokens

● Select the CLIQ token on your MetaMask

● Input the amount of CLIQ token you desire to swap for your preferred token or coin.

● Swap tokens


With the systematic illustrations given above, users should be able to Port CLIQ on BSC to Ethereum and also, Swap tokens of their preferred choices.

If you run into any issues, contact us on Telegram: @deficliqann with your questions.

Thanks for your support!

About Deficliq

Deficliq is an infrastructure designed on the Polkadot ecosystem and it provides both collateralized and uncollateralized loans in both p2p and traditional ways, with more features like DAO (off-chain governance), staking, and interoperability at one place. It allows users to stake their tokens to earn rewards, participate in yield farms, and interact with the broader Polkadot network as a result of DefiCliq’s interoperability feature.

Website: DefiCliq

Twitter: @deficliq

Telegram: @deficliqann




Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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