Official PartnershipAnnouncement between Paralink Network and DefiCliq

2 min readApr 19, 2021


Hello there, DefiCliq Community Members.

Hope you all are having an incredible experience with DefiCliq

DefiCliq is once again back with an exciting announcement for its community.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the official Partnership between Paralink Network and Deficliq.

A Brief Glance at ParaLink

If you have been around the defi and blockchain space for a while now, chances are you might have heard about the breakthrough concept of ParaLink.

With its incredibly effective idea, ParaLink is addressing one of the most critical issues in the Blockchain space today, i.e, the connectivity between Real World and Smart Contracts.

ParaLink may be seen as a data aggregation as well as a multi-chain oracle platform that plays a significant role in collecting, interpolating as well as validating Real World data sets and inject them into the Smart Contracts on platforms like Ethereum as well as Polkadot

In simpler words, it may be seen as one of the most cost-effective, reliable as well as resilient data bridge that connects blockchains with real-world data.

Significance of the Partnership

Quite similar to our previous imperative partnerships, this one holds great significance for the DefiCliq community as well.

To begin with, Paralink is basically a parachain with oracle quorums for Polkadot and its incredibly convenient oracle solutions can now be effectively integrated into the DefiCliq ecosystem. One of the most crucial functionalities of Paralink is providing a data source that is reliable and trustworthy to the other parachains.

For instance, the real-time price data for Decentralized Markets which is undoubtedly quite imperative data that demands higher accuracy. And the on-chain consensus algorithm of Paralink provides an adequate accuracy of data, these ensuring exceptional reliability in the platform.

Wrapping it UP

Despite the fact that the blockchain and defi space is still at a very nascent stage, we continually try and deliver the most beneficial decentralized finance experience to our community.

Therefore, we firmly believe that our partnership with ParaLink is undoubtedly a very crucial step in our journey ahead.

Very truly yours,

The DefiCliq Team

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