Official Announcement of the First Staking Partner: ACDX

Hello there, DefiCliq Community Members.

While it’s been just a few days since DefiCliq launched the highly anticipated Staking Platform, we are back with another exciting as well as compelling news for you.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce ACDX as our very first Staking Partner officially.

With this significant partnership, it can undoubtedly be stated that the Staking platform of DefiCliq is quite effectively expanding its boundaries.

Significance of the Partnership

If you have been around the DefiCliq community for a while, you are perhaps quite well aware of the lucrative design of the DefiCliq Staking Platform.

The DefiCliq protocol aims to provide remarkably higher returns for your stakes based on the time period of the stakes. In simpler terms, the longer the duration of your stakes, the higher returns you are supposed to earn.

Moreover, apart from being a pool-based protocol, the platform also includes extra-ordinary features like flexibility by introducing three crucial pools, i.e., Gold Pool, Silver Pool, Platinum Pool.

While the staking protocol already provides some of the most effectual financial services to its users, this partnership expands the boundaries for DefiCliq Staking Platform.

With ACDX as our official staking partner, users are now capable of staking ACXT,i.e., the native token of ACDX, on the DefiCliq Staking Platform which will go live on 16th Feb at 3:00 PM UTC.

The ACXT token can now be used to stake in all of the three pools available on our staking platform, thus allowing the users to earn various APY depending on the selected pool.

To know more about the DefiCliq Staking Protocol and its significant features, Click Here.

A Brief Glance at ACDX

The fact that ACDX has emerged as one of the most renowned as well as a reliable trading platform can hardly be denied.

The platform intends to offer an effective next-gen crypto derivatives trading stage with some of the most incredible crypto structured products like

  • Bull Bear Strike Token

Final Words

With the rise of Blockchain and Decentralized Finance, the transformation of the traditional financial procedures is quite inevitable.

Therefore, keeping this in mind and being one of the true believers of this technology, DefiCliq is all set to provide effective financial services to its users and play an imperative role in this financial revolution.

Thus, the partnership with ACDX, a firm with a similar vision as ours, is undoubtedly a very crucial step forward.

Together, we plan to provide one of the most reliable, secure as well as valuable financial services to our users.

Very truly yours,

The DefiCliq Team

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