Guidelines To Using The DefiCliq Farming Protocol

Deficliq being a protocol built on a DeFi system has only grown this much because of the control and ease it offers users. By allowing users to utilize traditional banking and financing services like lending, borrowing, and saving, an overwhelming sense of trust has been birthed over the past few months.

Even more captivating is that Deficliq users now have the opportunity to earn more than 100% of their capital, mostly by offering liquidity through the newly developed Deficliq yield farming protocol.

How To use the Deficliq Farming Platform

To get started Deficliq users need to access the Deficliq farming platform through their browsers preferably Chrome to connect their Metamask wallet to the platform using a chrome extension.

A Metamask wallet is of necessity so users need to create an account or simply import their created account using the 12 phrase seed to continue the process.

● Here’s a brief description of how to import your Metamask wallet:

● Agree with the terms by clicking the “Agree” button

● After successfully inputting your seed, you can now import your account.

● Ensure that you keep your 12phrase seed somewhere secure and accessible to you alone.

● Your Metamask wallet address is ready to be used. All that is required is to connect the Deficliq farming platform to your Metamask address to proceed.

To continue this process, return to the Deficliq farming tab on your browser where you will see the Metamask wallet linked to it on the platform displaying the Metamask wallet address linked to it.

Deficliq offers three enticing liquidity pools for users on the farming protocol namely:

● Silver package

● Gold package

● Platinum package

Then you can select the LP package that best suits your interest and stake your LP tokens.

How To Add Liquidity

Before joining the farming protocol and staking your LP tokens you are required to join the liquidity pool.

All that is required is to buy CLIQ tokens using the available Eth balance you already sent to your wallet.

Below are the few steps to be carried to add liquidity:

● Open the liquidity pool page in another tab and connect to Metamask wallet.

● Select the “Cliq token” from the “Select Token” option

● Enter the amount of CLIQ to be purchased using the corresponding Ethereum price and exchange rate in alignment with your available Eth balance.

● After a successful purchase of “CLIQ” tokens, click the “Click here” link to redirect you to the Farming platform and select a staking package to stake your LP tokens and enjoy Deficliq farming protocol.


Deficliq users deserve the best of services that is why we have painstakingly brought to our users the steps required to carry out the farming process on our platform and benefit from this opportunity.

Following the guidelines diligently users should be able to stake their LP tokens with ease on the farming platform.

In case of any difficulties, contact us on Telegram: @deficliqann with your questions.

Thanks for your support!


DefiCliq is a Polkadot ecosystem project that looks to disrupt the peer-to-peer (P2P) loans market by becoming one of the first platforms to offer undercollateralized loans. Furthermore, it is an entire DeFi ecosystem on its own. Through DefiCliq, users can stake their tokens to earn rewards, participate in yield farms, and interact with the broader Polkadot network due to DefiCliq’s interoperability capabilities.

For further inquiries:


Website: DefiCliq

Twitter: @deficliq

Telegram: @deficliqann




Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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