DefiCliq’s May Month Development Updates

Today we bring to your awareness briefly, a review of Deficliq’s actions, accomplishments, and steps taken towards achieving their goals to become an unrivaled platform in the blockchain industry.

Partnerships announced in May

Some outstanding and intriguing partnerships have been formed by Deficliq and some other platforms to assist on the part of success.

Here’s a list of successful partnerships in May;

  1. Deficliq partners with Xend Finance, the first DeFi Credit Union on Binance Smart Chain.
  2. Deficliq partners with PAID Network(a borderless toolkit for business needs).
  3. Partnership with Polkalokr.
  4. API3 and Deficliq partnership

Deficliq partners with Xend Finance, the first DeFi Credit Union on Binance Smart Chain:

We formed a partnership with Xend Finance so we have to use its DeFi aggregator for our platform. Xend Finance will create a restrictionless environment for users and its DeFi aggregator will play a huge role in pulling out the best prices from across the DeFi landscape so that users on Deficliq can enhance and hone their trades in the market. Read More

Deficliq partners with PAID Network(a borderless toolkit for business needs):

PAID Network’s smart contract-based legal toolkit represents the future of business agreements and community governance. With DefiCliq integration, we hope to facilitate even more capable SMART agreements and provide additional utility to users. Read More

Polkalokr Partners With DefiCliq

This partnership will allow DefiCliq to explore Polkalokr’s token locking mechanics using LOKR and SWAPR and enable DefiCliq to enhance its user experience using Polkalokr’s SWAPR, a P2P cross-chain token swapping protocol. Read More

API3 and Deficliq partnership

Our partnership with API3, quite similar to our previous partnerships, is extremely important to our firm as well as the community.

With this collaboration, we aim to receive access to API3’s Airnode-enabled APIs as well as dAPIs.

As far as some of the most imperative objectives of this partnership are concerned, API3 will provide effective assistance to Deficliq in integrating the Airnode-enabled APIs and dAPIs. This integration shall undoubtedly provide effective service and reliable support to the users in the Future. Read More

The AMA with UTU and DefiCliq Founder and CEO Shantanu Kumar

held on May 28

In the AMA forum, Shantanu Kumar (CEO) took his time to provide convincing and explanatory answers to the questions asked regarding plans and future aspirations. Read Transcript

Review Summary

Deficliq is a unique and reliable long-term project in the financial industry to provide investors with the ability and opportunity to diversify and have their risks decentralized over multiple tiers. It was built on a Substrate platform thus, forming a strong partnership with other platforms and organizations such as; PAID network and Xend Finance,Polkalokr and UTU to stand out amongst other rivals.

For further inquiries:


Website: DefiCliq

Twitter: @deficliq

Telegram: @deficliqann

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