DefiCliq: Unlocking the true potential of #DeFi

In this article, we intend on clearing the air, clarifying and letting the world know what Deficliq has to offer and at the same time why it has become a cause celebre in the financial industry. Deficliq as we know aims to provide a single unified interface for DeFi features on the Polkadot ecosystem starting with the lending market.


At Deficliq we allow token holders to earn more tokens through staking. It implies that token holders who keep their tokens in their wallets for a particular time get rewarded(in form of dividends).On Deficliq, the token maturity can be chosen by the staker when they stake their tokens on the platform. The reward can go up to 90% APY based on the amount staked and the duration of the staking. The ability to stake CLIQ tokens will be to get preference based on the number of tokens staked and the staking age.

A staking pool is allowed on Deficliq as users join resources together to get higher returns and share profits evenly. There’s so much flexibility in the system which allows users to withdraw their staked tokens whenever they please. The stake pool is categorized in three (Silver=shortest, Gold=medium, and Platinum=longest) in which returns are based on the staking time, that is, the longer the stake, the higher the rewards.

Deficliq’s Staking Service so far

Staking 1.0 for $CLIQ tokens and erc20 tokens

We have created a DefiCliq’s ERC20 Staking Platform version to allow our users the opportunity to stake and hold our very one $CLIQ tokens and also ethereum tokens in their wallet for as long as they please by connecting your ERC-20 wallet to the contract, deposit your CLIQ into the pool, stake until you wish to withdraw, and then withdraw to have your principal and claimed rewards sent back to your wallet. For the staking 1.0 version users require the CLIQ Staking requires the ERC-20 wallet extension Metamask, link to our staking contracts because it is the wallet you will contribute from and where rewards will be claimed upon withdrawal.

Staking 2.0 for Bsc and Bnb

This other version of Deficliq staking gives room for staking Bsc and Bnb tokens by connecting the Binance wallet to the contract and then withdrawing back and the end of the contract.

Staking 3.0 is for dot tokens

It is an upcoming version of staking that will allow Deficliq users to stake and hold tokens on Polkadot for as long as possible simply because the Polkadot era is very vibrant in the blockchain industry as investors seek to make profits in the near future.

ACXT Staking at Deficliq

The DefiCliq protocol aims to provide remarkably higher returns for our new clients and partners(ACXT) through our staking 1.0 platform based on the period of the stakes of users and investors.

Through the Staking Platform, ACXT holders will be able to stake in 3 different pools of different durations with an APY of up to 80%.

Xend Staking at Deficliq

The alliance formed between Xend Finance and Deficliq will pave the way for Xend Finance to use DefiCliq Staking 2.0 to allow their native($XEND) token to be staked. Users are rewarded for saving, investing, and executing different operations on the network. Xend Finance allows Credit Union operations and individual saving operations on the smart contract.

Bsc And Bnb Staking at Deficliq

Binance is the leading cryptocurrency exchange and fastest-growing trading platform based on trading volumes. It has expanded into a complete ecosystem for all kinds of crypto services and has established a strong foothold in the fastest-growing sector.

Users can now use our Staking 2.0 version to hold all kinds of Bsc tokens as well as Bnb tokens to make passive incomes and withdraw at will.

About Deficliq

DefiCliq is a Polkadot ecosystem long-term project which is one of the first and best that offers both collateralized and uncollateralized loans. It is an entire DeFi system that has caught the financial market by surprise due to its promising features and its prospective nature which has disrupted the traditional finance world as well as the peer-to-peer (P2P) loans market. It consists of applications and peer-to-peer protocols developed on decentralized blockchain networks that require no access rights for easy lending, borrowing, or trading of financial tools.

For further inquiries;

Website: DefiCliq

Twitter: @deficliq

Telegram: @deficliqann

Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.