DefiCliq secures an incredible Partnership with API3

Dear DefiCliq Community Members.

Hope you all are having a wonderful journey with DefiCliq.

We are once again back with amazing news for our community.

We are extremely proud and thrilled to announce our official partnership with API3.

About API3

API3 is one such firm that has been playing a significant role in solving the API connectivity issues in the Blockchain world since its inception.

API3 introduced the concept of dAPIs, which is not only a secure but also a cost-effective solution of providing traditional API services to smart contracts in a completely decentralized fashion. Most importantly, it does it without employing any third-party intermediaries.

Significance of this Partnership

With this collaboration, we aim to receive access to API3’s Airnode-enabled APIs as well as dAPIs.

As far as some of the most imperative objectives of this partnership are concerned, API3 will provide effective assistance to Deficliq in integrating the Airnode-enabled APIs and dAPIs. This integration shall undoubtedly provide effective service and reliable support to the users in the Future.

Wrapping it UP

It can undoubtedly be stated that with our recent partnership with API3 we hope the same and ensure a secure and trustworthy experience for our users.

Very truly yours,

The DefiCliq Team

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