DefiCliq Q1 2022 Roadmap Update

3 min readJan 14, 2022

DefiCliq is happy to share the new updated roadmap for remaining Q1 2022 of developments.

The mission of DefiCliq is to play an important role in the growing DeFi ecosystem by contributing to its ecosystem and TVL. Until now the team has been successful in doing so and our TVL has crossed 10M and been growing continuously since the very first day of launch.

On the mission to fulfil the same we are gonna launch some of our major platforms which will play a vital role in helping DefiCliq as well as other projects to grow. There has been no mention of these new platforms in our whitepaper so its gonna be very exciting to have them live.

The new features, modules and versions are structured into phases related to specific functional objectives:

Let’s jump right into it!

Staking 5.0 on Polygon

As the community is aware about Staking 1.0, 2.0, 3.0 and 4.0 which are for ERC20, BSC, AVAX and MOVR tokens respectively. Similarly Staking 5.0 will be launching this quarter which will allow Polygon and all tokens on Polygon to be staked on DefiCliq Multi Chain Staking Platform.

The platform will launch with $MATIC staking where stakers will be rewarded in $CLIQ tokens.

Staking 5.0 will be a major step towards the aim of DefiCliq being a Multi Chain Staking Platform.

2 New CLIQ Staking Pools

Currently CLIQ can be staked on ETH, and BSC network which will further be extended to MOVR and POLYGON network after the addition of 2 new Staking Pools.

This will be done to make DefiCliq Staking protocol more flexible and scalable for users to use.

Collateralized Lending and Borrowing Platform

DefiCliq aims to unify all defi features at one place which includes Lending and Borrowing Protocol. With the launch of Lending and Borrowing Protocol, users will be able to Lend and Borrow some specified crypto assets on the platform at a certain rate of interest being formulated by certain variables.

Token Burn

In accordance with our latest tokenomics update, we will be facilitating a token burn of 144,612,410 $CLIQ token which is equivalent to 14.60% of Total Supply (990,000,000).

The token burn will be completed in Q1 2022 in multiple phases.


As mentioned on our whitepaper users will be rewarded upon a successful referral of our staking platform.

The person will receive some % of total reward earned by his referrals and this % will not be compensated from his referrals rather will be rewarded from our Referral allocation.

This roadmap does not include partnerships to be announced in upcoming weeks.


DefiCliq is a Polkadot ecosystem project that looks to disrupt the peer-to-peer (P2P) loans market by becoming one of the first platforms to offer undercollateralized loans. Furthermore, it is an entire DeFi ecosystem on its own. Through DefiCliq, users can stake their tokens to earn rewards, participate in yield farms, and interact with the broader Polkadot network due to DefiCliq’s interoperability capabilities.

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Website: DefiCliq

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Telegram: @deficliqann