Deficliq Partners With Ferrum Network to Integrate Proprietary Liquidity Options

In an effort to bring quality to uses, Deficliq has established a partnership with Ferrum Network. This strategic move will allow Deficliq to use a suite of features that Ferrum Network offers, most notably their available options in their proprietary Liquidity Staking Technology.

This technology allows users of the system to stake tokens to the liquidity pool and earn tokens in that same token that was locked. Deficliq is using this for the 45% staking distribution from the token economics model that was make public just yesterday. This will allow both a locking of the token to insure token integrity as well as providing liquidity to the chain, which is on the Polkadot network.

Ferrum Network is a tremendously valuable ecosystem that brings much needed interoperability to the DeFi space. They are able to incorporate a “near-zero” fee structure and link swapping to eliminate the complexity of wallet addresses.

“Ferrum Network is an invaluable partnership to Deficliq. Successful scaling options are needed for L2 solutions and interoperability is a must have to future proof issues that we can face in the years to come. Adding the liquidity options of Ferrum with the Polkadot chain is a massive combo for success.”

The partnership with Ferrum Network comes on a high note of news alongside the token economics model, investment deal with Vendetta Capital, and adding strategic advisor Charlie Shrem.

What is Deficliq ?

Deficliq is the first company to provide both collateral and unsecured loans for both p2p and traditional ways, with several features like DAO (off-chain governance), staking, interoperability in one place as a Polkadot Substrate Project and thus becoming a leading competitor in the fintech space.

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