DefiCliq Partnership with Dia

DIA and Deflicliq announce a partnership to integrate DIA’s open-source and transparent oracles into Deficliq’s lending platform to improve its security and privacy layers.

Deficliq claims to be the first company to provide both collateralized and uncollateralized loans in both P2P and traditional ways. The Deficliq platform offers to users many features such as DAO governance, staking, yield farming, interoperability and more, all in one Polkadot Substrate Project.

DIA announces a new partnership with Deficliq to fuel Deficliq’s platform with accurate and reliable on-chain data. Through this collaboration, Deficliq will utilise DIA’s trusted oracles to integrate real-time market price data to update the collateral ratios of the lending platform. The integration of DIA’s robust oracle infrastructure will help Deficliq improve the security and privacy layers of its protocol.

Michael Weber, DIA Association president comments:

“We are happy to be integrated into Deficliq’s lending platform as a trusted data provider. DIA oracles will ensure accurate market price data to enable a smooth UX of Deficliq’s platform”

CEO quote of Deficliq:

“The people over DIA have a great vision and a robust plan to achieve that. We at deficliq are super — excited to bring both the communities together and integrate their infrastructure internally to achieve our vision of making the protocol more secure and private”


DefiCliq is a Polkadot ecosystem project that looks to disrupt the peer-to-peer (P2P) loans market by becoming one of the first platforms to offer undercollateralized loans. Furthermore, it is an entire DeFi ecosystem on its own. Through DefiCliq, users can stake their tokens to earn rewards, participate in yield farms, and interact with the broader Polkadot network due to DefiCliq’s interoperability capabilities.

For further inquiries:


Website: DefiCliq

Twitter: @deficliq

Telegram: @deficliqann




Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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