DefiCliq officially announces its partnership with Polkalokr.

Hello there, DefiCliq Community Members.

We are once again back with another exciting as well as compelling news for you.

It gives us immense pleasure to officially announce our partnership with Polkalokr.

With this significant partnership, it can undoubtedly be stated that DefiCliq is quite effectively expanding its boundaries.

About Polkalokr

One can never deny the fact that Decentralized Finance has expanded its boundaries exponentially. However, its incredible growth has also created many new challenges in the DeFi space.

Polkalokr aims to provide simplicity and reliability into an unregulated and complex space like Decentralized Finance. Since its inception, Polkalokr is effectively addressing some of the major issues in the DeFi world like lack of trust, its complexity, mass adoption etc.

Built on top of Polkadot, Polkalokr is a next-generation all-in-one multi-chain that provides effective token locking and as well as swapping mechanisms.

Significance of this Partnership

With our partnership with Polkalokr, DefiCliq is all set to explore the token locking mechanisms of Polkalokr.

In a nutshell, one of the most imperative aspects of this partnership lies in the fact that our firm will now be able to explore as well as integrate Polkalokr’s token locking mechanisms and protocol into DefiCliq.

Furthermore, Polkalokr will now be exploring DefiCliq’s staking mechanism as well.

“Utilising DefiCliq’s unified DeFi features will enable us to achieve our mission to simplify tokenomics for everyone through “governance-as-a-service”. We’re excited to explore the various new avenues that this collaboration will open up in terms of token distribution processes and overall user safety within DeFi protocols.” — Imran Ashfaq, Polkalokr CEO

“We are so happy to be a part of Polkalokr’s noble vision of restoring trust & simplicity to complex token ecosystems which is really need of the hour. In the current time when there are so many rugs which is one way or another tampering the crypto space and new investors for sure. Polkalokr’s vision of removing human error and bad actors out of that is really commendable and we are eagerly waiting to use their technology really and what’s in store!”- Shantanu Kumar, DefiCliq CEO

Final Words

With the rise of Blockchain and Decentralized Finance, the transformation of traditional financial procedures is quite inevitable.

Therefore, keeping this in mind and being one of the true believers of this technology, DefiCliq is all set to provide effective yet simple financial services to its users and play an imperative role in this financial revolution.

Thus, the partnership with Polkalokr, a firm that aims to simplify the complexity of decentralized finance and ensure reliability in the space, is undoubtedly an imperative step forward.

Together, we plan to provide one of the most reliable, secure as well as effective financial services to our users.

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