DefiCliq (CLIQ)Staking Overview

Dear DefiCliq Community Members,

On 03rd Feb at 3:30 PM UTC we will release DefiCliq’s Staking on our own DefiCliq’s ERC20 Staking Platform. But before we do, we wanted to provide critical information on the structure, rewards and requirements of CLIQ Staking. Enjoy!

General Overview

CLIQ Staking can be likened to a savings account — it offers constant time-based returns based on staking time. In other words, the longer you stake, the higher the rewards. That may seem basic, but CLIQ Staking unique in many ways.

First, it is pool based. Meaning it is a group activity with multiple contributors for each staking contract.

Second, it is flexible. Meaning you have the option to withdraw early, stake until full maturity, or withdraw somewhere in between. But be warned: leaving early comes at a cost.

Finally, it is strategic. Meaning if you stake until full maturity, and others in your pool withdraw early, you will receive a portion of their rewards.

There will be 3 staking pools: Silver (shortest), Gold (medium) and Platinum (longest). The terms of each staking pool (rewards, lengths, minimum contribution, etc.) are detailed below.

We will publish a full “how-to stake” guide in the coming days, but overall it is very simple. Just connect your ERC-20 wallet to the contract, deposit your CLIQ into the pool, stake until you wish to withdraw, and then withdraw to have your principal and claimed rewards sent back to your wallet. Easy!

Requirements for Staking

Here are the requirements to be aware of.

Metamask: CLIQ Staking requires the ERC-20 wallet extension Metamask, link to our staking contracts. This is the wallet you will contribute from and where rewards will be claimed upon withdrawal.

For assistance on setting up a Metamask, please contact a CLIQ team member or the Metamask team directly.

Keywords and Unique Features

CLIQ Staking has some unique features such as early withdrawal, and rewards for full maturity without any time or pool limit on contribution to the staking pool.

Full Maturity

Stake until full maturity to receive maximum rewards. Maturity will have a date and time assigned at which time full rewards will be available for withdrawal, so you will know exactly when you can withdraw to receive the maximum rewards.

The Staking Pools:

There will be three staking pools: Silver(30 days), Gold(60 days), and Platinum (90 days) each with different terms.

Silver Staking Terms

  • Full Rewards: 23% annualized
  • Full maturity: 30days
  • Early Withdrawals: Yes
  • Can Unstake: Only after 15 days.

Gold Staking:

  • Rewards: 32% annualized
  • Full maturity: 60 days
  • Early Withdrawals: Yes
  • Can Unstake: Only after 30 days.

Platinum Staking:

  • Rewards: 53% annualized
  • Full maturity: 90 days
  • Early Withdrawals: Yes
  • Can Unstake: Only after 45 days.

Thank You

We want to give a special thanks to everyone who has shown tremendous patience and support throughout this process.

Very truly yours,

The DefiCliq Team

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