DefiCliq Announces Updates on Upcoming Staking Platforms

DefiCliq will make new updates for the upcoming staking 1.0 platform. The staking 1.0 platform will be modified to enable all erc-20 tokens to be staked by users. This is a slight change to the initial protocol which would have allowed only Cliq token to be staked on the staking 1.0 platform.

This change is necessary as we look to increase earning potentials for users on the platform. Users will be able to stake different erc-20 tokens for rewards. Also, stakers will be provided multiple options to receive rewards and this includes via staked tokens or the native Cliq token.

There has also been a change in the staking protocols. After the deployment of staking 1.0, staking 2.0 will enable all bsc tokens to be staked while staking 3.0 will offer staking support for dot tokens.


  • Staking 1.0: Q1 2021
  • Staking 2.0: Q1 2021
  • Staking 3.0: Q2 2021

These developments are part of our aims of enabling interoperability between the Ethereum and Polkadot ecosystem. We have continued to make huge strides in the crypto sector and have secured major partnerships in recent weeks.

DefiCliq’s native token CLIQ recently got listed on one of the biggest exchanges in the crypto market Bithum Global. This development is expected to expose the token to a bigger marketbase fostering adoption.We have also partnered with cross-chain platform Kylin Network to provide a further layer of security and accuracy for our financial services.

About DefiCliq.

DefiCliq is a lending platform that provides collateralized and uncollateralized loans in both p2p and traditional ways. Built as a polkadot substrate project, it aims to provide cross-chain compatibilities that will enable users to interact with other defi protocols on other blockchain networks.

DefiCliq offers decentralized finance products including lending, staking and yield farming. You can learn more about DefiCliq on our website and medium platform.

Very truly yours,

The DefiCliq Team

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Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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