DefiCliq and Yellow Road Partnership to expand its Use Cases

There are several DeFi projects ongoing in the Blockchain industry today with different visions and ambitions even though most have not been able to live up to expectations and promises due to various setbacks.

Deficliq is one of the formidable ongoing DeFi projects in the world today. Its uniqueness cannot be overemphasized as it is one of the best platforms to unify all DeFi features in one scoop.

Deficliq’s partnership goals and objectives with Yellow Road

Yellow Road is a unique and engaging community-backed IDO platform that focuses its attention on Binance Smart Chain(BSC) Projects to assist them with growth and gaining ground in the market.

Deficliq as one of the fastest-growing and reliable multi-functionality DeFi projects on Blockchain especially on Binance Smart Chain will benefit greatly from this partnership with Yellow Road as it will empower our innovative projects by assisting Deficliq in leveraging the power of the community. As a result of the several crypto projects and users hosted on the Binance Smart Chain, the urge and quest for better DeFi solutions have grown tremendously.

Meanwhile, Deficliq being a DeFi project built on the Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is keen on satisfying its users by offering a wide range of solutions to the problems faced, ranging from staking and interoperability to yield farming and also decentralized governance using a Distributed Autonomous Organization model(DAO) therefore making the partnership with Yellow Road impactful and bringing about success and great accomplishments.

Furthermore, All other projects conducting their IDO on Yellow Road will be allowed to integrate Deficliq’s staking solution so they can benefit from our unique offers. Yellow Road also seeks to initiate actions in which their IDO projects integrate other amazing features and solutions Deficliq has to offer into their platforms to add great value to users’ experience on the platforms built by the projects.

About Yellow Road

Yellow Road is an engaging IDO platform whose vision is to empower projects, people, ideas, and ethics. It offers a range of funding solutions from smart auctions to community building and engagement programs for new projects.

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About Deficliq

DefiCliq is a Polkadot ecosystem project that unifies all DeFi features and qualities. It is one of the first platforms to offer undercollateralized loans and it is an entire DeFi ecosystem on its own. It allows users to stake their tokens to earn rewards, participate in yield farms, and interact with the broader Polkadot network as a result of DefiCliq’s interoperability feature.

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Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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