Recently, our partnership with Meter was licensed which is for the sole purpose of using it as a bridge to port $CLIQ token to Binance Smart Chain (BSC). We’ll be guiding our much more anticipated users on how to make use of this bridge and use it to their advantage in this article.

Step by Step Process On How To Use The Meter Passport to Bridge $CLIQ tokens between BSC

For new users, the CLIQ token is readily available on the Metamask wallet, and before anything, you need to get the wallet registered or signed up on your mobile device…

We are excited to have allied with a high-performance infrastructure like Meter to assist and work together with us to use its passport as a bridge to port $CLIQ to BSC.

Benefits and outcome of Deficliq and Meter partnership

As earlier stated, our partnership with will allow us to use its passport as a bridge to port $CLIQ token to Binance Smart Chain(BSC). It would serve as a porter by offering a seamless bridge for $CLIQ token into the BSC.

NB: Publications and announcement will be made as soon as possible as regards the following;

● Contract address


In this article, we intend on clearing the air, clarifying and letting the world know what Deficliq has to offer and at the same time why it has become a cause celebre in the financial industry. Deficliq as we know aims to provide a single unified interface for DeFi features on the Polkadot ecosystem starting with the lending market.


At Deficliq we allow token holders to earn more tokens through staking. It implies that token holders who keep their tokens in their wallets for a particular time get rewarded(in form of dividends).On Deficliq, the token maturity can be chosen…

Today we bring to your awareness briefly, a review of Deficliq’s actions, accomplishments, and steps taken towards achieving their goals to become an unrivaled platform in the blockchain industry.

Partnerships announced in May

Some outstanding and intriguing partnerships have been formed by Deficliq and some other platforms to assist on the part of success.

Here’s a list of successful partnerships in May;

  1. Deficliq partners with Xend Finance, the first DeFi Credit Union on Binance Smart Chain.
  2. Deficliq partners with PAID Network(a borderless toolkit for business needs).
  3. Partnership with Polkalokr.
  4. API3 and Deficliq partnership

Deficliq partners with Xend Finance, the first…

In the world today, digitalization is pivotal to business development. Unlike the Stone age where things were almost impossible to accomplish, now evolution has made a spectacular turn around and accomplishment to human society.
The financial quest for effective and efficient methods has brought about the emergence of Cryptocurrency(digital money) and at the same time DeFi.

Significance of this Partnership

To mitigate the challenges and risks alongside stress in which users have to individually consult various exchanges, compare trading prices on each exchange to get the best deal, and then manually execute each transaction using smart contracts, DefiCliq has made…

As we know, nothing comes easy but with focus, passion, and great determination, success is just around the corner. It is with great pleasure that we announce the great partnership between Deficliq and PAID network.

DefiCliq is the first company in the market to offer both secured loans (collateralized loans) and unsecured loans (uncollateralized loans) which means it creates a scenario in which lenders can choose the amount of risk they want to assume by engaging in the platform while ensuring borrowers are not discriminated against when applying for a loan solely based on the lack of collaterals.

Due to…

Hello there, DefiCliq Community Members.

We are once again back with another exciting as well as compelling news for you.

It gives us immense pleasure to officially announce our partnership with Polkalokr.

With this significant partnership, it can undoubtedly be stated that DefiCliq is quite effectively expanding its boundaries.

About Polkalokr

One can never deny the fact that Decentralized Finance has expanded its boundaries exponentially. However, its incredible growth has also created many new challenges in the DeFi space.

Polkalokr aims to provide simplicity and reliability into an unregulated and complex space like Decentralized Finance. Since its inception, Polkalokr is…

Dear DefiCliq Community Members.

Hope you all are having a wonderful journey with DefiCliq.

We are once again back with amazing news for our community.

We are extremely proud and thrilled to announce our official partnership with API3.

About API3

There is no denial in the fact that blockchain and decentralized finance are still at their nascent and there are enormous hurdles that lie in its journey towards mass adoption. Therefore, it’s high time for the Web3 community to come up with ideas and solutions that solve some of the major issues in this technology like security, connectivity, scalability, etc.

API3 is one such firm that has been playing a significant role in solving the…

DefiCliq will integrate UTU’s creditworthiness API to improve credit checks and loan monitoring for under-collateralized loans.

We are excited to announce that we’ve partnered with UTU to support the mission to democratize the lending space. DefiCliq will integrate UTU’s trust infrastructure to allow borrowers who would otherwise be underserved to access loans with lower collateral amounts.

What is DefiCliq?

DefiCliq provides collateralized and uncollateralized loans in both peer-to-peer (p2p) and traditional ways. With a mission to democratize the lending market, DefiCliq is exploring features like DAO (off-chain governance), staking, and interoperability on Polkadot. …

Hello there, DefiCliq Community Members.

Hope you all are having an incredible experience with DefiCliq

DefiCliq is once again back with an exciting announcement for its community.

It gives us immense pleasure to announce the official Partnership between Paralink Network and Deficliq.

A Brief Glance at ParaLink

If you have been around the defi and blockchain space for a while now, chances are you might have heard about the breakthrough concept of ParaLink.

With its incredibly effective idea, ParaLink is addressing one of the most critical issues in the Blockchain space today, i.e, the connectivity between Real World and Smart Contracts.

ParaLink may be seen as a data aggregation as well as a multi-chain oracle platform that plays a significant…


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