Dear DefiCliq Community Members,

On 18th October at 3:30 PM UTC we will release CLIQ’s Staking on our own DefiCliq’s Staking Platform. But before we do, we wanted to provide critical information on the structure, rewards and requirements of CLIQ Staking. Enjoy!

General Overview

CLIQ Staking can be likened to a savings…

We are excited to introduce to you our latest ally in making decentralized finance more accessible to the mass.

Today we are partnering with Skyrim Finance — A decentralised structured Finance Protocol.

DefiCliq is a project that aims to provide a single unified interface for DeFi features on Polkadot. This…

In accordance with our latest tokenomics update, we will be facilitating a token burn of 441,612,410 $CLIQ token which is equivalent to 44.60% of Total Supply (990,000,000).

This amount of tokens will be burnt from the Staking Allocation that was allocated to reward $CLIQ Stakers and Liquidity Providers on our…

DIA and Deflicliq announce a partnership to integrate DIA’s open-source and transparent oracles into Deficliq’s lending platform to improve its security and privacy layers.

Deficliq claims to be the first company to provide both collateralized and uncollateralized loans in both P2P and traditional ways. The Deficliq platform offers to users many features such as DAO governance, staking, yield farming, interoperability and more, all in one Polkadot Substrate Project.

DIA announces a new partnership with…

The recent occurrences in the crypto space have been a thing of concern and worry but amidst various challenges faced, Deficliq continues to push further and soar high. In pursuit of unrivaled success, we have decided to make Raze Network our ally.

The Strategic Partnership Raze Network Has To Offer

Create and share your favorite meme and you can win MTRG!

Join DefiCliq and Meter for a creative and exciting contest to reward the most unique and engaging meme. The top entries will be voted on by the community to receive a prize paid in MTRG and Cliq tokens.



Unifying all defi features on polka at one place.

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